What is Boho&Stone?

I’m Liz, and I am the sole owner and creative mind behind Boho&Stone Boutique. I started this brand in late 2020 amid the height of my first career, being a full time hair colorist and had just turned 29.  Being a full time business owner, it was imperative that I dress in a trendy, clean, and fun way. I hated being limited to certain large chain stores that seemed cheap, out of age/style, easily ruined, with very in accurate sizing, only fit teenagers, and often promoted fast fashion. I wanted to shop at a place that made me feel seen, heard, sexy, and thought of as an adult woman entering her thirties. Chain store sizing was inadequate, and often all over the place, and tailored to a young girls curve-less figure that never flattered my 30’s curves. I was frustrated. Shopping went from being a love to a contemptuous problem I constantly had to endure. I found myself aimlessly wandering stores, wondering if I would ever truly love any store, and not feel so defeated and overwhelmed. I shouldn’t be limited to a certain section of the store; told that I am too old for this, and too “mom” for that. I also should be able to find consistency in sizing & fit, and longevity in my clothing.  So I created Boho&Stone Boutique. We are an earthy, minimalist, feminine, fun, classic brand that focuses on women’s clothing for the ages of 25-45.

A little more about me.

I'm a Taurus; I am well grounded, strong, stable, driven, creative and calm in nature. I love being surrounded by art, and I love to express myself through my daily outfits. I'm inspired by nature, textures, self care and the Boho aesthetic. Clothing, accessories and personal style have been a passion of mine for several years, and I am so proud to bring this dream into a reality. I hope you enjoy my store, and the items I have specially curated foryou.

You deserve to feel pretty.

Shopping shouldn’t be stressful- this should be a time for you to express yourself, feel good, feel seen and feel powerful in your femininity. Being behind the chair, I heard from women that they felt unattractive, “only a mom”, tired and given up with their appearance- and it breaks my heart. We have many titles in our lives (mom, wife, etc), but at the core we are uniquely beautiful and one of a kind. Clothing is a great way to feel beautiful, and to see yourself come out. I believe in four key elements to a good outfit: 

• Creativity

• Versatility

• Feminine

• Quality

As women, we are constantly moving in different phases of our lives, and our shopping experience should allow space for this. We are allowed to fully express ourselves, and should never feel like we are put into a box. Our outfits are an amazing way to express our personality, creativity and sense of self. Color, texture, details and layering are all examples of this. Femininity can look different to everyone, and should be expressed organically. Personally, I enjoy feeling a “classic pretty” using feminine silhouettes, patterns, and textures. But some days, I want to be covered in a hoodie and be cozy. Our clothing allows you to feel cozy in all elements to your womanhood- and to feel pretty all the time. 

You deserve to feel amazing when you get dressed everyday.

Shopping at Boho&Stone Boutique is a personal experience; I have carefully selected and put together every collection with you in mind. I want to reflect a sense of a “big sisters closet” for every shopper. We are a safe space for the moms, business women, artistic cottage-core maidens, and more. We encourage you to express your divine feminine nature while feeling as modest as you need to. We hope that you’re able to find the most perfect pieces for your life here, and to celebrate all your milestones with us.