How it all started.

We started in December of 2020, launched our clothing line in October 2022, and now we're here to evolve again.

Behind the scenes, we have been working hard to hand pick the best pieces, and to build our closet for her.

Her closet is filled with textures and soft patterns that compliment her body & remind her of every moment in her life.

She is wild. She is fierce. She is classic, feminine, and desired.

I’m Liz, and I am the creative mind behind Boho&Stone Boutique. I started this brand in late 2020 amid the height of my first career, being a full time hair colorist and had just turned 29.  Being a full time business owner, it was imperative that I dress in a trendy, clean, and fun way. I hated being limited to certain large chain stores that seemed cheap, out of age/style, easily ruined, with very in accurate sizing, only fit teenagers, and often promoted fast fashion. Shopping shouldn’t be stressful- this should be a time for you to express yourself, feel good, feel seen and feel powerful in your femininity.

Spring is almost here!

What will you expect from us this spring? We're working hard to put together cozy sets, pretty dresses, and spring styles you'll want to directly upload to your 'gram. These picks are going to be Pintrest worthy with the selfies you'll capture! Check our blog post below for some spring style hacks and helpful tips!

Read the blog here!